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Before a design can be made, we ask for a non-refundable deposit of 150€/outfit that will be compensated in the final price. After this fee is paid the production begins.

For one deposit we offer three (3) revisions for the design. After this every design costs 50€ beforehand that is not compensated in the final price.

Please note, that custom-made creations can take a lot of time, since every single costume will be especially created for you, according to your desired material, size and requested details. If you need your order to be ready for a fixed date, please make sure to get in touch as soon as possible to allow enough time for discussing your ideas, searching and selecting materials, fittings, etc.

An average time for a costume to be made is 12 weeks from placing the order. This time does not include shipping.

Shipping only in EU.


We accept payment via PayPal, cash and bank transfer.

All prices are final product prices; shipping costs are not included.

Customer has two choices regarding payment:

Payment in one part (100%). 

Payment in two parts (50-50%). 

We require 50% of the final price before the production begins and the rest 50% before delivery.

Made to measure

Due to the fact that best fit is only achievable if the customer is met in person at least twice during the production of a costume, Costumes by Wriic’s insists on personal meetings.

When placing an order you acknowledge that you are required to visit our studio in person for a fitting 2-5 times during the production. If you cannot visit our studio, Costumes by Wriic’s has the right to reject or cancel the order at any point without any compensation.

You can provide your measurements without visiting the studio. In this case, you agree that all the details you provide to us are accurate and complete in all respects. We strongly advise to visit a professional tailor to take the measurements. Costumes by Wriic’s cannot be held liable for mistakes made or false information given by the customer.

Wriic’s design

Costumes by Wriic’s is a full costume design and production service, therefore we are not a regular tailor and produce external designs. You can provide us inspiration and ideas, but the final designs come from us.

Please remember that concept drawings are not technical drawings – they are not 100% accurate. If you notice any disturbing deviations between the concept and your product during the production, we would appreciate if you would point them out immediately.

Express order

In the case of an urgent need of a costume please contact us – every situation is case sensitive and results in special pricing and delivery.


After sending the product Costumes by Wriic’s is not responsible in any way for a delayed shipment of a product, even if the customer has an express order or requested an express delivery. We cannot make the ships and planes go faster, nor can we prevent hurricanes, earthquakes or christmas.

If there is a delay in production because of us or a third-party, we will inform you and settle the situation in the best possible way for everyone.

Costumes by Wriic’s cannot be held liable for any loss of profit or any indirect or consequential loss suffered from late orders, delivery delays, payment errors or false information.

Damaged shipment

Products leaving our shop are packaged properly to prevent most damages. If you receive a damaged product, please inform of this immediately; first to the delivery company in a formal way and then to us. From there we will work together to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Repairs and changes

Before sending a costume back, please contact us about the repairs and changes you wish to have. All repair and change costs are case sensitive.

Customer is responsible for all return and resend shipment costs. 

If you return a costume for repairs or alterations, please take extra care to package and secure the costume for delivery. Any damage that happens during the delivery is not our responsibility and any repairs we have to make cost extra. If we receive a damaged product we will immediately inform the delivery company and you.

Tips for safe packaging:

  • Fold the costume properly
  • Wrap the costume in plastic or something waterproof
  • Use a good quality cardboard box of a just fitting size
  • If there’s extra space, fill it with something (paper, bubble wrap, etc.)
  • Seal the box properly with tape

Cleaning and maintenance

We will provide you with instructions on how to clean and maintain your costume. If you are uncertain, please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for advice, we are glad to help.

Costumes by Wriic’s is not responsible for any structural damage, color damage, frizzing, shrinking or any other harm that happens due to incorrect cleaning, use or maintenance of the product.


Please note that custom costumes (made-to-measure creations) and any accessories are non-refundable.

Property Rights

Costumes by Wriic’s retains all the rights to the designs. Customer is not allowed to use the design in any other production unless otherwise agreed in a contract.

Costumes by Wriic’s holds the rights to use photos, videos or any other material of the costumes in marketing or promotional use.

Governing law (VAT)

We are an EU VAT registered company. All of our products will be sold with VAT 24%.  EU VAT-registered companies are eligible for VAT 0%.

By ordering you accept the terms and conditions.