Artist, Cover yourself!

Bring your act to the next level with a personally tailored costume. Wriic’s unique designs are based on the artist’s wishes and ideas, made to fit perfectly with their character and performance.

All of our costumes are handmade in Finland. Behind Wriic’s is a drive to support the work of artists and give memorable experience to the audience from show to show.

Let’s find the most suitable solution for you and rock the house together!




A Finnish designer and tailoress, Riikka Heiskanen has degrees in dressmaking and tailoring and 6 years of work experience in a professional theater.

She founded the brand Wriic’s during her studies, and the first circus costumes for professional use were made in 2007.

In 10 years her brand has grown up from a small side business to a company which produces approximately 100 costumes in a year.